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Patrick Mahony - Specialized styles of photography

Patrick Mahony – 5 Specialized Styles of Photography

There are different variations in the way in which photography is taken in various genres. According to experts, such as Patrick Mahony, the different genres require varied perspectives and styles. Here are the five specialized styles of photography.

  1. Landscape Photography

Landscape photography involves capturing landscape views of cities from the top of a skyscraper. It also involves taking pictures of the shorelines, and landscape photographers, like Patrick Mahony, requires the spirit of adventure from within to be able to travel to different places and search for different views to produce top-notch pictures. They also capture images of the sky at the different time of the day.

  1. Sports Photography

Sports photographers use a telephoto lens to magnify the target. The innovative autofocus mechanism is also essential, especially when manual focus is hard to attain quickly in some situations in sports. A technique known as panning is used for capturing live action shots, and sports photography features specialists, such as Patrick Mahony, and state-of-the-art cameras.

  1. Photojournalism

Photojournalism is a visual narrative that has a powerful social and cultural context, and its main objective is to select contemporary subjects and narrate a visual story. The professionally arranged pictures bring an understanding of different forms of lifestyles. They also display the social changes that affect photographers in different ways.

  1. Fashion Photography

Fashion photography instills an elegant effect on viewers. Therefore, the pictures have to exhibit high-class fashion consciousness, and every photograph is a valuable piece of art. Each photo has to be unique.

  1. Celebrity Photography

Celebrity photography is complex because when dealing with celebrities, you have very limited time to manoeuvre, and photo sessions are always constrained says Patrick Mahony. Therefore, you should have a quality photo capturing system. You also need to have your camera set before requesting a celebrity to pose for a photo shot.