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Patrick Mahony - Specialized styles of photography

Patrick Mahony – 5 Specialized Styles of Photography

There are different variations in the way in which photography is taken in various genres. According to experts, such as Patrick Mahony, the different genres require varied perspectives and styles. Here are the five specialized styles of photography.

  1. Landscape Photography

Landscape photography involves capturing landscape views of cities from the top of a skyscraper. It also involves taking pictures of the shorelines, and landscape photographers, like Patrick Mahony, requires the spirit of adventure from within to be able to travel to different places and search for different views to produce top-notch pictures. They also capture images of the sky at the different time of the day.

  1. Sports Photography

Sports photographers use a telephoto lens to magnify the target. The innovative autofocus mechanism is also essential, especially when manual focus is hard to attain quickly in some situations in sports. A technique known as panning is used for capturing live action shots, and sports photography features specialists, such as Patrick Mahony, and state-of-the-art cameras.

  1. Photojournalism

Photojournalism is a visual narrative that has a powerful social and cultural context, and its main objective is to select contemporary subjects and narrate a visual story. The professionally arranged pictures bring an understanding of different forms of lifestyles. They also display the social changes that affect photographers in different ways.

  1. Fashion Photography

Fashion photography instills an elegant effect on viewers. Therefore, the pictures have to exhibit high-class fashion consciousness, and every photograph is a valuable piece of art. Each photo has to be unique.

  1. Celebrity Photography

Celebrity photography is complex because when dealing with celebrities, you have very limited time to manoeuvre, and photo sessions are always constrained says Patrick Mahony. Therefore, you should have a quality photo capturing system. You also need to have your camera set before requesting a celebrity to pose for a photo shot.


Apple and Hermès : New marketing strategies

Dominique Cuvillier, specialized in capturing trends, director and editor of the digital magazine MO, has recently signed his next book For Another Marketing based on the decryption of two iconic brands: Apple and Hermes.

In fact, to say it in a few words, the author believes that « for businesses, the era of products and services artificially created and « over-sold » by illusional marketing is over. ”


Apple and Hermes: dominant brands with a rarely equaled know-how

“Hermes (…) is in a” soft “production based on ancestral knowledge and sustainable, intelligent gestures.

Apple (…) is in the contemporary use of social practices. (…) These two companies of very different sizes are not leaders in their respective markets but are dominant in terms of expertise. Often imitated, they are rarely equaled. ”


Apple and Hermes: brands which consider customer satisfaction

“Doing what we can do, no more, no less. » Apple and Hermes claim the same obsession of invested entrepreneurship whose goal is to satisfy customers with innovations, ideas, and quality products. The double dimension of aesthetic and prestigious dominates and flatters the client’s intelligence and sensitivity.


 Apple and Hermes: in the heart of the economy of contribution

“The economy of the contribution invites brands, previously sovereign as to their marketing strategy to respond to the wishes of their customers, to interfere in the co-creation of products. (…) The digital culture is in Apple’s genes, yet it has been welcomed in Hermes’ strategy over time. With over one million Facebook fans each, they consider their customers as interlocutors with which they build relationships, create conversation, and improvise new experiences. »


Apple and Hermes: the creation of a white label Herpple?

Dominique Cuvillier looks into Brand Weddings which do not really exist yet, but which “suggests giving another breath, a new dimension to entrepreneurship in the creation, production, marketing, the relationship with customers. ”

With his new book, the author invites us to imagine what would the union of Apple and Hermes be like… In other words, what would the brand Herpple be like ?

Antonio Loios

Antonio Loios & VIC Concept: The full rundown

The story of Antonio Loios and VIC Concept

Things in the world of Multi-level Marketing (MLM) can get quite confusing fairly quickly. The hardships of Antonio Loios and his new brand Valuable Idea Concept (VIC) testify to the fact that when communication and brand support are provided by an army of enthusiastic and ambitious entrepreneurs, word of mouth is a double-edged sword that can make or break a business model.

The Internet has been teeming with blogposts and forum threads discussing the issue of the GetEasy scam, a Ponzi scheme against which multiple law suits have been filed in Europe and Latin America. Inevitably, Antonio Loios’ name emerges every so often, as he had been dealing with GetEasy through his own company, TachoEasy Iberica. This even trickled down to affect the reputation of a third, completely independent company – TachoEasy Middle East – that has nothing to do with GetEasy.

The situation is quite complex, but it is important to try and synthesize the situation in order to be able to differentiate between GetEasy Limitada, a Portuguese company under investigation, and other legitimate MLM and trading companies that fell victim to the former’s illicit convolutions. So what exactly happened between them?

Antonio Loios is the owner of TachoEasy Iberica, and a majority shareholder of TachoEasy Middle East. Both companies are active trading companies that provide geolocation and tachograph solutions by supplying technologies developed in the European Union. In other words, they place trackers in the market under a commodatum model through which they receive monthly subscription fees in return for the goods and annex services rendered.

GetEasy was created as an MLM company that would approach suppliers to sell their products through network marketing. TachoEasy Iberica constituted the perfect cover to make the MLM company look legitimate, since Antonio Loios does in fact have a client base and brings products to the market. As a matter of fact, GetEasy’s activity would have been legitimate and sustainable, had it not opted to go down a different road. TachoEasy Iberica had agreed to supply GetEasy with trackers, based on an agreement that allowed both companies to profit from the collaboration.

However, in the fall of 2014, GetEasy stopped paying TachoEasy Iberica for the ordered equipment, which is when Antonio Loios put an end to their agreement. It was later revealed that GetEasy was, in fact, a Ponzi scheme whereby the money paid by the participants (which was supposed to be invested in the equipment) was used to pay back older participants and the top representatives who would then flaunt the merits of MLM and how it had made them rich.

This resulted in Antoinio Loios having a large outstanding and unpaid order on his hands, and in thousands of MLM entrepreneurs with due commissions of which they would never see a penny.

Up until September of 2014, the true nature of GetEasy had been a well-kept secret. TachoEasy Iberica, who acted as a supplier of the equipment that served as a cover to syphon large sums could only add its name to the long list of victims and collateral damage.

Under the circumstances, Loios decided to create VIC Concept in an attempt to make things right for the MLM participants. The brand is wholly owned by TachoEasy Middle East and intends to ensure the products ordered are seen through to delivery, and payments made on schedule as the affiliation agreements specify.

As for TachoEasy Middle East, the UAE-based company has nothing to do with the ongoing dispute. It has also been sucked into the digital whirlpool of speculation due to the fact that Mr. Loios is one of its major shareholders.

self branding

Branding Yourself Online

5 efficient ways to do it

In this age of advanced technology, online branding becomes very important. Not just business brand; a personal brand is as crucial. It may affect how your future employers, old friends and possible dates see you. These are 5 efficient ways to brand yourself online:

  1. Figure out your own personal brand. What you want is to show a real person that is you. Focus on your positive and unique qualities. What are your strengths and passions? What makes you unique and interesting? With these lists at hand, you won’t stray off in the middle of the process of creating your personal brand.
  2. Determine your target audience. It’s like the business branding; you’re trying to “sell” yourself, so offer the right “stuffs” to the right people. Who needs to see your personal brand? Which kinds of people’d be interested in what you have to offer? Knowing your target audience will help you put the contents of your personal brand properly and orderly.
  3. Put yourself on social medias. If your old or current accounts won’t do, create a new one for each social media. Post things that show your true characteristics and qualities, which people’d buy. Most people look up on popular social medias, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Have your own blog. Make ways where people can find you online.
  4. Stay available and active on your social medias. Keep your accounts up dated regularly; make people notice what you’re up to. If you created profiles and just let them be, people wouldn’t look up on you anymore. That’ll reflect on your personality as well.
  5. Interact with others. Be a member of forums or blogs and be active there. Follow certain people’s Facebook or Twitter. Let people know that you’re informed and you care about things. Make the communication happen both ways. Having good relations online helps with your personal brand.
SMS Novel

An application allows you to print your text messages into a novel!

Every second in France, 5400 text messages are sent. To capture these messages, a french company created an application that allows users to permanently retain their writings!


For years, SMS has become for many, one of the most used means of communication. These messages of love, friendship, and especially  daily exchanges tend to fade away with time.

So in order to allow consumers to keep track of what they share with their loved ones every day, the site has developed an innovative application.

The latter allows to compile all of your texts in a book! To do this, simply download the app, select the conversation you want and the date of start and end of messages … So you can keep your text messages sustainably and create a story of your own!

In short, an innovative application that at the time of the dematerialization of all media, allows us to preserve memories of our exchanges with our loved ones.

Discover the site


3 predictions on The future of Marketing

Peoples are always looking into the future, trying to predict the next big thing. Let’s try to predict the big trends in web marketing for 2015

Mobile is going to become the center of marketing including mobile search, mobile devices and apps. The evolution of mobile devices is one of the prime factors influencing the marketing world.

The user-generated content will surpass branded content. From online reviews, to social media posts, blogs and comments, this means there will be a strong need for brands to create a positive impact in their consumers’ minds and begin to own their audience.

Personalization will be the key to marketing success, marketers who focus on relationship building will be rewarded. Due to this deluge of information, people naturally get their interests piqued by content which is tailored to their interests and needs.





Picture Marketing

How to use Picture Marketing

Picture Marketing has appeared with social media. Whether it’s for a brand or for an individual, the expression« “a picture is worth a thousand words » has never been so true.

In a society where sight is constantly stimulated, Picture Marketing helps promote a brand or a person in a unique, remarkable and quick way.

Picture Marketing consists of promoting a brand’s image by massive diffusion on social networks

  • Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin have only been encouraging photo sharing throughout time
  • Social networks such as Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Snapchat are popular due to the fact that they evolve around photo sharing
  • The growing use of smartphones facilitates photo sharing

Picture Marketing is also crucial in one’s self promotion

One should first define what is important to show and how you wish to be represented, whether in your professional career, at work, doing your job, or in your personal life, with your friends and personal network etc.

You should choose either to limit the amount of pictures of yourself present online, or on the other hand, choose to publish an important number of them.

The advantage of the first option is that your few images are the ones characterizing you. You can than better tailor your own image. This image becomes your personal brand.

When choosing the 2nd option, you become a multifaceted personality.

In both cases, just make sure the images match your personality and be sure they can not be used to harm you.

Once your image defined, publish on social media on your business cards on your CV, your e-mails…


F1 Sponsporship: Alcohol is a complicated but lucrative game

The Bacardi-owned Martini has made its comeback on F1 racetracks in 2014, a good year for the Williams team who experienced a renewed acknowledgement and a major reshuffling. Martini is now extremely visible on the Mercedes cars, the suits and other wearable gear.

Martini is paying a very reasonable fee for being in the spotlight, given how sensitive it has become to advertise alcoholic beverages. Their yearly check is about $15 dollars, as much as Rexona pays out for their quality brand placement.

This modest amount is however a healthy injection for Williams, as it is a huge chunk of their total budget which is of about $50 million.

Efficiently using the media exposure

Due to the nature of their product line, the Bacardi group has no other choice but to hammer in an excessively positive message and try to downplay the contradiction of associating alcohol to driving.

Just like the tobacco industry’s past sports sponsorships, alcohol producers must find the right message, all the while staying out of the no-go zone imposed by the European Union in terms of advertising such products.

Williams offers pragmatic possibilities

Bacardi Global’s head of sponsorships, Dominic Curran, admits that the Williams team constitutes a very profitable and cost-effective way to communicate. It is exceptional exposure and associates the brand to another very prestigious name. But more specifically, the Williams team offers more flexibility than other, bigger teams that have more of a corporate culture and are firmly centered on the interests of higher powers.

Awareness and responsible drinking at the heart of the campaigns

Curran also explained that whatever they do on or around the racetracks is systematically coupled with a call or some kind of message to promote responsible drinking. He stated this was at the heart of their corporate principles and an absolute prerequisite for their work to see the light of day.