Apple and Hermès : New marketing strategies

Dominique Cuvillier, specialized in capturing trends, director and editor of the digital magazine MO, has recently signed his next book For Another Marketing based on the decryption of two iconic brands: Apple and Hermes.

In fact, to say it in a few words, the author believes that « for businesses, the era of products and services artificially created and « over-sold » by illusional marketing is over. ”


Apple and Hermes: dominant brands with a rarely equaled know-how

“Hermes (…) is in a” soft “production based on ancestral knowledge and sustainable, intelligent gestures.

Apple (…) is in the contemporary use of social practices. (…) These two companies of very different sizes are not leaders in their respective markets but are dominant in terms of expertise. Often imitated, they are rarely equaled. ”


Apple and Hermes: brands which consider customer satisfaction

“Doing what we can do, no more, no less. » Apple and Hermes claim the same obsession of invested entrepreneurship whose goal is to satisfy customers with innovations, ideas, and quality products. The double dimension of aesthetic and prestigious dominates and flatters the client’s intelligence and sensitivity.


 Apple and Hermes: in the heart of the economy of contribution

“The economy of the contribution invites brands, previously sovereign as to their marketing strategy to respond to the wishes of their customers, to interfere in the co-creation of products. (…) The digital culture is in Apple’s genes, yet it has been welcomed in Hermes’ strategy over time. With over one million Facebook fans each, they consider their customers as interlocutors with which they build relationships, create conversation, and improvise new experiences. »


Apple and Hermes: the creation of a white label Herpple?

Dominique Cuvillier looks into Brand Weddings which do not really exist yet, but which “suggests giving another breath, a new dimension to entrepreneurship in the creation, production, marketing, the relationship with customers. ”

With his new book, the author invites us to imagine what would the union of Apple and Hermes be like… In other words, what would the brand Herpple be like ?

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