SMS Novel

An application allows you to print your text messages into a novel!

Every second in France, 5400 text messages are sent. To capture these messages, a french company created an application that allows users to permanently retain their writings!


For years, SMS has become for many, one of the most used means of communication. These messages of love, friendship, and especially  daily exchanges tend to fade away with time.

So in order to allow consumers to keep track of what they share with their loved ones every day, the site has developed an innovative application.

The latter allows to compile all of your texts in a book! To do this, simply download the app, select the conversation you want and the date of start and end of messages … So you can keep your text messages sustainably and create a story of your own!

In short, an innovative application that at the time of the dematerialization of all media, allows us to preserve memories of our exchanges with our loved ones.

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