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Picture Marketing

How to use Picture Marketing

Picture Marketing has appeared with social media. Whether it’s for a brand or for an individual, the expression« “a picture is worth a thousand words » has never been so true.

In a society where sight is constantly stimulated, Picture Marketing helps promote a brand or a person in a unique, remarkable and quick way.

Picture Marketing consists of promoting a brand’s image by massive diffusion on social networks

  • Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin have only been encouraging photo sharing throughout time
  • Social networks such as Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Snapchat are popular due to the fact that they evolve around photo sharing
  • The growing use of smartphones facilitates photo sharing

Picture Marketing is also crucial in one’s self promotion

One should first define what is important to show and how you wish to be represented, whether in your professional career, at work, doing your job, or in your personal life, with your friends and personal network etc.

You should choose either to limit the amount of pictures of yourself present online, or on the other hand, choose to publish an important number of them.

The advantage of the first option is that your few images are the ones characterizing you. You can than better tailor your own image. This image becomes your personal brand.

When choosing the 2nd option, you become a multifaceted personality.

In both cases, just make sure the images match your personality and be sure they can not be used to harm you.

Once your image defined, publish on social media on your business cards on your CV, your e-mails…